*Anouck Lepere in FLAIR*

(Photo: Jean-Franois Campos, Flair -october 2010)

These photos are insane! The first one oddly enough qualifies to my favourite-list. It's somewhat blury, but there's so many elements to it! At first glance, you see this gorgeous lady, but if you keep looking, the photo goes on and on! The lighting, the setting, composition, even the writing on the photo.. it all adds up to pure perfection!!

The two middle one has such cool angles. I love how the body and the environment shapes into this amazing debth!

Now, normally, the type of photos like this bottom one would'nt captivate me enough to bring them into my collection. But Ilike how the light and the hat works together and creates the shadows.And themix og light and shadows is perfectly set aroundthe face, and that powerful look in her eyes... What's there to say? It creates that magic, people, magiic:)

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I love photoes, and how one single picture can tell a story or a feeling or make a statement. That's why I decided to make this a blog concisting only of photoes, my treasures - found, cherished and loved - and now, shared with you :)