september 2010

*Anouck Lepere in FLAIR*

(Photo: Jean-Franois Campos, Flair -october 2010) These photos are insane! The first one oddly enough qualifies to my favourite-list. It's somewhat blury, but there's so many elements to it! At f...

*Amber Valetta by Paolo Roversi*

LOOK at that expression! Captivating.. Love the frame they've used on this. Classic!

*Anna Zakusylo for Vogue Turkey*

(Photo: Emre nal) So LUSH, as my friend Felicity would say :) Love the look, the red, rhe light - love! <3


(Bo Don for Marie Claire Italy, sept 2010. Photo: Johan Sandberg)


(Romee Strijd og Donna Loos for Vogue Noias, spring 2010.Photo: Stefania Paperelli) This photoserie is adorable! I fell in love with it at once. This is only two of the photos. The top one's my ...


(Tanya Dziahileva in Flaire Italy sept 2010. Photo: Eric Guillemain)

Ming Xi - shades

(Ming Xi. Pic found at Oh) I love how the lighting on her faceis different here,compared tomost other black and white photos. The shades creates the magic, and the hair is the cherry on the icecak...


(Liu Wen, Numro #1 China, october 2010. Photo: Tiziano Magni) This photo really IS a breath of fresh air! Look... so light, like a feather, so scilent and yet so alive...It's almost like I catch ...


(Suzanne Diaz, Nippn october 2010. Photo: Tommy Ton) I can't put my finger on what it is about this photo that makes me stop and pause for a while, but there's something about it.. Perhaps it's t...

Iris Van Berne - mama's got a brand new bag!

(Iris van Berne - Domestic Disturbia, October 2010. Photo: Damon Baker) Iris is givin the term "eco-fashion" a holw new perspective. Personally I doubt I would toss my Birkin in the trash if I own...

Subtle Softness

(Anna Maria Jagodzinska - Vogue UK, october 2010. Photo: Laura Sciacovelli) I love the softness in this photo. The subtle colorshades really takes this photo to a higher level.


25, Skien

I love photoes, and how one single picture can tell a story or a feeling or make a statement. That's why I decided to make this a blog concisting only of photoes, my treasures - found, cherished and loved - and now, shared with you :)